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Techland Developing Modding Tools for Dying Light

Earlier this month, Dying Light developers Techland pushed out an update restricting players from having the ability to tamper with the game's data files. The news left several people dumbfounded considering that other games by Techland, such as the Dead Island and Call of Juarez series, were very open to modifications. Despite the news, there is no reason to fret! Techland's Community Manager Michal Napora made an announcement stating that Techland is creating its very own set of modding tools for Dying Light, and is looking for input and ideas from players.

Techland is inviting players to Dying Light's modding forum for discussions on which modifications should be implemented. According to Techland developers, all Dying Light modding tools will be completely free. Several wacky ideas have been submitted such as possessing the power to kick a zombie into the sky, and change the zombie's appearance to look like dinosaurs. Although many crazy ideas have been suggested, various amounts of players are proposing reasonable mods such as map editors and new weapon upgrades. According to Dying Light developers, "We want to give creative freedom to the players to help keep Dying Light fresh and interesting even many years after their release."

Multiple favored modifications received anti-piracy claims by the Electronic Software Association (via the Digital Millennium Copyright Act). The Dying Light developers said it was not their intention to prevent users from having the ability to modify the game's content. Techland explained that mods created for Dead Island was one of the main reasons for the game's success, and they hope the same for Dying Light. The Electronic Software Association stated that the anti-piracy claims should never have been issued and have been uplifted.

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