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Take Two Reveals Rockstar Games Has Multiple Games In The Works

Rockstar Games has never been met face to face with a miss with pretty much every title they’ve ever released. From the gritty street racing of...
  1. God

    Rockstar Games has never been met face to face with a miss with pretty much every title they’ve ever released. From the gritty street racing of Midnight Club, to the all out havoc of the Grand Theft Auto series, Rockstar Games seems to know what the gamers want, before they even want it. After the release of Grand Theft Auto V, many gamers were left wondering what their next title would be. Will gamers take a trip back to Bullworth Academy? Or would they be launched back in time to be strapped to the saddle of John Marston’s son?

    It’s been speculated that Rockstar’s next release will be the revitalized, and once feared lost, Agent. Considering when it was announced it was intended to be a PS3 exclusive, it’s safe to say Rockstar is no longer taking that route, and will instead release the game on current-gen consoles and possibly PC. Moving away from the speculation for a second, let’s move on to what Take-Two, Rockstar Games’ parent company, had to say about future releases.

    Take-Two has officially announced that Rockstar Games is currently working on “multiple new titles from renowned franchises and new intellectual properties”. It’s unlikely we’ll see another Grand Theft Auto for a few more years, so you can cross that off of your list if that’s what you were excited for. The releases are expected to begin in the fiscal year 2018, which will begin on April 1st, 2017. Many fans are expecting Rockstar to go into detail about their release map or at the very least give some insight into their next title during this year’s E3 event. With so many people begging for another entry into the Red Dead series, it’s safe to say Rockstar may be working on a sequel to Red Dead Redemption, or a remastered version.

    It’s interesting to think about the path Rockstar may take when it comes to their new IP. Given their track record with the open world genre, one can only hope they stay on that path. I would personally love to see an open world title with the graphic fidelity and attention to detail Max Payne 3 held. If Rockstar does indeed try to take a different path, some untouched ground they could move onwards to is the FPS genre. Considering they added a first-person feature to Grand Theft Auto V after it was requested by fans non-stop, who’s to say that’s where their venture into first-person ended? What are your thoughts on Rockstar Games’ plans for the future? What potential titles are you most excited for?


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  1. Absim
    We need a damn Midnight club game. Need for speed is gone down the drain and I have no other arcade racing game to play.
  2. dachi
    Hello All, Me banned.you HAve bann banned from the Social Club Service PArmently Grnad theft Auto online Return Grand Theft Auto Story mode.
    I entreat you entreat you unblock banned. Place Answer
    1. Keeley Hazell
      Drugs are bad kids
      FranceskaScarlet likes this.
    2. Stonerzard
      What kind of next-level trolling is this?
  3. Gisele
    Bully (Hopefully college edition), Red Dead (prequel) and either Mid-Night Club (to compete with The Crew) or Manhunt.
      Dabster710420 likes this.
  4. Dabster710420
    Given Rockstar's track reccord and take two's ability to succeed, we may just be looking at a new title from them. Furthermore, I believe a great way for rockstar to move forward while conquring the gaming world would be to team up with a lesser, equally determined company such as the "relic" Bungie. Maybe its mildy due to the fact that I personally have a place in my heart for the creators of Master Cheif. Maybe its because I feel that, even now, Bungie's creative team has not reached maximum effort , sorta speak, I would find it interesting to see a crossover between Destiny style maps and gameplay and Rockstars ability to find yourself drenched in a storyline. Big things are happening in those studios. Just cannot wait to see whats in store.
  5. Xx ChEEZE iTz xX
    It would be nice to see a FPS shooter where you can create clan crews and change your characters appearance from top to bottom :smile:
      Dabster710420 likes this.
    1. View previous replies...
    2. Xx ChEEZE iTz xX
      Your probably right about that... Hey, atleast they don't go full halo like our COD does... -.-
      criminal akademiks likes this.
    3. Keeley Hazell
      I think we have too many First-Person shooters.. I honestly wish there were less so we have bigger populations on them.
    4. Dabster710420
      Including, but not limited to, invisible bodies? #InvisibleBodyGlitch
      Cheeze Its likes this.
  6. Xx ChEEZE iTz xX
    Will bet money on this.

    #1 GTA6

    "I can bet #2 will come first though, Because #1 takes forever to perfect..."
  7. Stonerzard
    I'd love to see Red Dead comeback. I don't think Rockstar are cheap enough to go down the remake route. I'm not hoping for any games per se, but I would be very happy with a Red Dead 2.
  8. 3xTiNcT
    Would be cool to see a FPS from them.
      Cheeze Its likes this.
    1. Xx ChEEZE iTz xX
      It would probably out-game any modern call of duty now, So sad to see how much call of duty has gone downhill :frown:
    2. 3xTiNcT
      Or even the old ones...
  9. Razor sean
    I hope gta 6 comes out in 2018 or 2019 otherwise the wait is too long. Gta 5 already came out 5 years after IV and you'd think they wouldn't exceed any more years for the next gta.
    1. FranceskaScarlet
      Maybe GTA 6 is so advanced and such, it takes longer to make because it's huge.
    2. Razor sean
      Yeah that's a possibility, but if it's true then hopefully that adds only 1 or 2 years extra into the development, I seriously can't wait even though I know nothing about the game yet.
  10. criminal akademiks
    Haven't had a Midnight Club in a while, and that whole series was really dope with the customization and car selection. Whatever the games are, I'm looking forward to it. Rockstar usually delivers amazing games.