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Tactical Intervention Review


Welcome to my first review, I usually report on news topics but I decided to do a short article on Tactical Intervention, which I keep calling Tactical Insertion. I started playing this game a few days ago when AzzidReign was asking about games on Steam, I was looking through the Free to Play section and spotted it, so along with Azzid and Brinko, I downloaded and gave it a shot.

Tactical Intervention is a Free to Play first-person shooter on Steam, it was developed by Minh “Gooseman” Le, some of you may recognise that name as he was the co-creator of Counter Strike. In Tactical Intervention there are two teams, one being the terrorists and the other being the counter-terrorists, you have four game types to select from, these being the classical Team Deathmatch game type and the other three being objective games types. When I first played the game it was on Team Deathmatch and it gave me the opportunity to test the controls and how the game feels, there is a little clunky feel behind the controls but they are easy to adapt to, then again I do play Battlefield 3 on PC so I know about clunky controls.

Let’s have a close look at the objective modes you can choose from, we will start with Hostage Scenario. In Hostage Scenario there are two sub game types, Hostage Grab and Hostage Rescue, in Hostage Grab each team have to secure the hostages, the first team to do so wins. In Hostage Rescue the terrorists start in a defending zone, they cannot leave this zone and they will start with very little ammo. Over time an ammo box will open and the terrorists can resupply. The counter-terrorists are tasked with infiltrating the zone to eliminate the hostile and rescue the hostages. For me the Hostage Scenario game types were a little strange at first, but after a few games I got the hang of it.

This now leaves us with Bomb Plant and VIP Escort, Bomb Plant is very much like the well known Search and Destroy game type, the terrorists have the bomb and they must plant it at either A or B, the player with the bomb is limited to using a submachine gun or a pistol which they cannot reload, unfortunately. The counter-terrorists have to protect the bomb sites and they must eliminate the terrorists to win.

Lastly we have VIP Escort, in my opinion this is one of the more fun game types. There is a little story behind this game type, the VIP was a mole in the terrorist organisation and has obtained some high value intel on the terrorist organisation, as the counter-terrorist it is your mission to successfully escort the VIP and their briefcase to the drop zone. As the terrorist it is your job to stop the VIP and the counter-terrorists. Now what makes this game type fun is the fact that you are doing this in vehicles. Each player is given the option to choose the role of either a driver or a passenger, as a driver you are limited to a pistol or a submachine gun, as a passenger you are able to lean out of the car and shoot the enemy. If the VIP is killed the counter-terrorists can retrieve the briefcase and win the round, if the terrorists retrieve the case they must deliver it to their helicopter. You are able to exit your vehicle and take another from a civilian, you can ask Brinko about that.

Tactical Intervention has seven maps to choose from, each are designed for the game types. We have Highway which is the only map available for VIP Escort, Bomb Plant has two maps which are Morning Calm and Uprising. The Hostage Scenario game type uses Construction Site and Flash Metro, Team Deathmatch also uses those two maps along with its very own map, Dynasty.

With the game being Free to Play the players are given two currency options, in-game currency and real world currency, the player can purchase weapons, customisation items for the player model, and perks. The player can use the in-game currency to rent the weapons for seven days at a reduced cost or they can purchase a permanent unlock for a high amount, which will take a long time, or they can skip all of that and purchase the item with real world currency.

Overall this game is fun, the graphics aren’t all that but if you are looking for a game that is fun and easy to play then I recommend you download it, afterall it is free. I have only played it for a few hours myself so I couldn’t go into great detail about the maps.
Here is the official trailer for the game.​

It’s time to let me know what you think, will you be downloading Tactical Intervention? If you have already, what are your thoughts? Also don’t hesitate to hit me up for a game or two on Steam.
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My name is Alex, I am a former writer and moderator for Se7enSins. I still play video games on occasion and I like to keep up to date with the gaming industry.

After taking a long break from writing I have decided to return to my roots and provide content for the Se7enSins homepage. Just need to get rid of the rust.


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