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System Software Update 3.50 Drops Today on PlayStation 4

The next major system software update for the PlayStation 4, version 3.50 (codenamed MUSASHI), will be releasing later today. PS4 owners will soon...
  1. God

    The next major system software update for the PlayStation 4, version 3.50 (codenamed MUSASHI), will be releasing later today. PS4 owners will soon be able to enjoy quite a few new features many gamers have been asking for since the PlayStation 3 days. While it's nice to see Sony make some progress, it's a little disheartening to see features that should have been there from the get-go finally arriving a few years after the PS4's initial release.

    The first major feature of the update will finally allow PlayStation 4 owners to appear offline to everyone on their friends list. This is an extremely useful feature for whenever gamers feel like winding down with a solo gaming session or a movie, without being bombarded with messages and game invites. Simply visit your Profile, and there will be an option that will allow you to toggle between appearing offline every time you log in, and a manual trigger. Optionally you can quickly access this feature by holding down on the PS Button and activating it from the PlayStation 4’s Quick Menu.

    The second feature arriving in the update is a simple one that surprisingly hasn’t been a day one feature on the PlayStation 4. Starting today, PlayStation 4 owners will be able to toggle the option as to whether or not they would like to receive notifications when other gamers in their friends list come online. You can activate this feature by selecting any player on your friends list, pressing Options, then selecting the ‘Notify When Online’ button.

    Changes will also be coming to the PlayStation 4’s Events tab. Sony is adding a brand new feature that will allow PS4 owners to plan and schedule gameplay sessions with their friends. Simply select the ‘Create Event’ button on the Events tab, and from there you’ll be able to create and send invitations for a gaming session you have planned for a specific date, time, and game. Once the specific date and time listed on your Event has been reached, the players who accepted the invitation will automatically be added to your party so you can all quickly head straight into the planned game of your choice.

    Sony will also be updating and expanding the Remote Play features of the PlayStation 4 to give players a new way to play and enjoy their favorite console games. PS4 owners will soon be able to use the PS4’s Remote Play feature on Windows PCs and Macs, just as long as they run on Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or later, (Windows,) or OS X 10.10, OS X 10.11 (Mac.) Depending on the bandwidth of your internet, you’ll be able to to select different resolutions and frame rates when playing. The resolution options range from 360p, 540p, 720p, and will default at 540p. Frame rates range from 30fps and 60fps, and will of course default ant 30fps. You can read more about the upcoming system software update at the PlayStation Blog below.

    PlayStation Blog

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  1. Minute Media
    Just be like me and don't make any friends. No friends = no alerts. I have life figured out ;D
  2. Walteri
    default ant 30fps.
  3. TechSock
    "The first major feature of the update will finally allow PlayStation 4 owners to appear offline to everyone on their friends list" Wait. PlayStation is JUST getting this update!? We had this stuff on the Xbox 360 and Sony is just now adding this? Wow, I am genuinely surprised.
  4. Nagato
    This should of been core from day one.
  5. 3xTiNcT
    Sounds like a much needed update.
    1. Stonerzard
      Idk, I'm not buzzed for this or anything. It's not going to improve much. The only good feature is finding out when your friends are online.
    2. 3xTiNcT
      Well yeah it's not much but the features they're adding are nice.
  6. Jigoku Shonen
    Lol, they're just now getting those most basic features? My god.
    1. View previous replies...
    2. Stonerzard
      You just proved my point, you're here to get a mini power trip because you think that frivellous console wars actually mean something. I don't know a single person that cares about appearing offline, what purpose does it actually serve?
    3. TechSock
      I don't care if YOU want a appear offline feature, but OTHERS actually do. If you actually read the article wrote, you would see that the features uses were described clearly in the first few sentences.
    4. Stonerzard
      Playing solo is something I constantly do. I've never been bombarded with messages. If I did, I would delete that person for being a ****.
  7. Zach Michael
    Just let me change my PSN
    1. Stonerzard
      Dude, we've never been able to change PSNs since the start. Why do you care about a name that much?
    2. TechSock
      Made me smile :biggrin:
  8. Crooks
    Kind of pathetic that they're just getting some of these features now lol.
      TechSock likes this.
    1. TechSock
      Yeah. Not really pathetic but definitely surprising.
  9. Ephemera
    Sony brought over some good sh*t with this update. Keep it flowin
      TechSock likes this.
    1. TechSock
      Damn right!
  10. televisedfool
    Awesome :biggrin:

    Just keeps getting better and better.:thumbsup: