Two indie game favorites are about to become playable characters in Blaster Master Zero on both Nintendo Switch and 3DS. A new trail has detailed a new update, about to hit the game.

Starting tomorrow, players can download the DLC expansion and play as classic NES hero Shantae in the game's EX Character Mode, and in August Shovel Knight will make his debut.

The Shantae DLC is available for free until July 19. After that, it'll cost $2 to download the character. Check out some in-game screenshots of Shantae below, and watch the trailer with her and Shovel Knight above.

Shovel Knight will be the next DLC character after Shantae. He arrives on August 3 and will be available for free until August 16. Like Shantae and the two previous DLC characters, Ekoro and Gunvolt, Shovel Knight will also cost $2 after the free period has ended. Check out in-game screenshots of him below.

You can see Shantae's special abilities, including her super fast ponytail attack, and Shovel Knight's special abilities, including his characteristic shovel attacks, over on the game's website. Judging from the trailer, both characters have moves that will dramatically change the basic gameplay.

Blaster Master Zero is a retro-style sidescrolling action game and is a remake of the 1988 NES game Blaster Master. In May, publisher Inti Creates released the first expansion, which added a new difficulty mode and the first two additional DLC characters.

Source: GameSpot