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Super Mario Run Jumps to Mobile This December


Many were surprised to see Nintendo's own Shigeru Miyamoto take the stage to make an announcement during the Apple event, but what exactly was he there for? Well, simply put, he was there to announce that several titles featuring the iconic hero Mario would be coming to mobile starting with Super Mario Run, a brand-new touchscreen adventure. Miyamoto showed the game live during the event, and several details about the game and its future were revealed.

The game is based on the New Super Mario Bros. format in both looks and gameplay, yet has its own quirks. One of the large points they pushed for the game is how it can be played with only one hand, and is easy to play yet hard to master. The objective in the main game mode is to collect as many coins as possible and reach the goal within the time limit through the six or more playable worlds. The coins can then be used in another mode to "construct your own Mushroom Kingdom", although no real details about what this is have been released. Some theorize that it may be similar to the customizeable bedroom in Kirby's Epic Yarn, and others believe it may be more akin to Super Mario Maker, but we won't know until Nintendo comes forward and give us some more information.

If you thought that's all there was to this game, then you're in for a sweet surprise, as this game will also feature a multiplayer mode called Toad Rally. In this mode players will be able to challenge their friends or even strangers to races to see who can collect the most coins within a set time frame, all whilst entertaining the crowd of Toads. How do you entertain the Toads, you ask? Hell if I know, maybe one day Miyamoto will tell us. The levels don't have flags or any endpoint at all, and are simply a race to see who can get the most coins the quickest. You can check out some gameplay footage below.

According to Miyamoto, the game will have a set price, although the exact price hasn't been announced yet. Another thing that is yet to be set is an official release date, but we do know it`s coming sometime in December of 2016. The game will release first on the Apple App Store, but don't be mistaken, it's not an Apple exclusive. It'll be heading to Androids sometime after the iOS release, but again, a release date has not been set. Another thing worth mentioning is that according to the game's official app store page, the game will feature in-app purchases, although nobody knows what these purchases will be.

Will you be buying this game? Do you like or hate the idea of this game? Let us know in the comments!

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