The Mario Party series is coming to Nintendo Switch this fall in Super Mario Party, Nintendo announced today during its E3 2018 Nintendo Direct presentation.

Super Mario Party, which is scheduled to be released Oct. 5 on Switch, will be the first entry in the long-running franchise on consoles since Mario Party 10, which debuted on Wii U in 2015. Nintendo has released two Mario Party games on Nintendo 3DS since then, 2016’s Mario Party: Star Rush and 2017’s Mario Party: The Top 100.

The trailer for Super Mario Party showed off a new Switch-specific feature: the ability to play with multiple Switch units in four-person action. In this mode, the characters — new ones include Rosalina, Dry Bones and a goomba — move across the devices, which are placed perpendicularly to make a path.

Super Mario Party will also feature minigames that encourage players to work together secretly, in something akin to a LAN party. Some minigames are playable in split-screen mode, or with both players sharing a single screen on one Switch. Minigames in the trailer showed off Joy-Con play with a single controller held sideways, as well as motion controls. Of course, the series’ traditional board games will be available, too.

Source: Polygon