Sudden Strike had a strong as a real-time tactics game, set in World War II, during the last decade. It hasn’t gotten a new edition since 2010, but in August, it’ll be coming to PC and PlayStation 4 from new developer Kite Games and publisher Kalypso Media.

This will be the first console launch for the series. Sudden Strike 4 was announced at Gamescom 2016 as the first hardcore real-time strategy game for the PlayStation 4. Like its predecessors, Sudden Strike 4 will allow players to command Allied, German and Soviet forces in the major operations of World War II. Multiplayer will accommodate up to eight. Importantly, it will have a pause-and-play capability that lets users think over their decisions.

In Sudden Strike 4, players will be able to choose generals who have different doctrines and specialities — infantry, armor or support commands — and by winning a conflict their buffs will extend to the next conflict in the campaign. The Sudden Strike series prided itself on historical authenticity, and more than 100 real-life units who fought World War II are represented. Still, it will be up to the user whether history is recreated or rewritten.

As a PlayStation 4 title, Sudden Strike 4’s controls are also optimized for console players using a gamepad. Weather and resources will play a significant role on the battlefield — for example, in protecting a Russian convoy as it traverses a frozen lake, users can sink the attacking German armor by breaking the ice. The game also acts as a background referee, evaluating the user’s tactics, recognizing sound fundamentals and rewarding their success. Military units can speak in the user’s language or in their own, for commanders who desire more authenticity.

Sudden Strike 4 launches Aug. 11 on PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.

Source: Polygon