Curious about Ubisoft's extreme sports game, Steep? Here's some good news: Ubisoft has announced that a free trial version of the game will be available on all platforms this weekend. Starting March 10, everyone on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC can play the game for free until March 13.

You're getting access to the entire game, which includes courses in the Alps and in Alaska, a region that was added in a recent free update. The game lets you ski, snowboard, wingsuit, and paraglide in an open-world, sandbox-style environment.

During the free weekend, Steep's standard edition will be 50 percent off. The Gld Edition will be 40 percent off on Xbox Live until March 13 and until March 20 for PS4. Ubisoft's own Ubisoft Store will discount the game's standard and gold editions by 50 percent until March 14. All progress from the free weekend will carry forward if you decide to buy the game.

Source: GameSpot