While not nearly as big as its summer or winter sales, Steam's just-launched Halloween sale, which nonetheless has some solid deals that are worth a look.

More than 60 games, along with dozens of horror movies, are currently discounted on Steam. Despite this ostensibly being a Halloween sale, many of the games included aren't of the horror variety. For every Dead Space ($5) or The Evil Within ($15), there's a Typing of the Dead: Overkill ($5) or Wolfenstein: The Old Blood ($10).

Other deals of note include System Shock 2 for $2.49, Darkest Dungeon for $15, Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma for $27, Killing Floor 2 for $20, Oxenfree for $5, and Resident Evil 4 for $7.

These offers are available from now until 10 AM PT on Tuesday, November 1. The sale page where you can see all of these deals also highlights dozens of Steam games with Halloween-themed updates, all of which are on sale. This selection rivals the main sale, with Superhot ($15), N++ ($12), Company of Heroes 2 ($7.49), and Duck Game ($8) all discounted.

Source: GameSpot