For a variety of reasons, such as the absence of daily and flash deals, Steam sales are not the major event they once were. They do, however, still present the opportunity to pick up some excellent games for relatively cheap, and now we know when the next three big sales will reportedly take place.

Dates for upcoming sales are shared ahead of time with developers, which invariably results in them leaking to the public. That appears to have happened again, with dates for the annual Halloween, Black Friday, and Winter sales being posted on Reddit. They've since been removed, but Eurogamer claims to have verified them as legitimate. Here's when each one will run:
  • Steam Halloween Sale: October 26 - November 1
  • Steam Black Friday Sale: November 22 - 28
  • Steam Winter Sale: December 21 - January 4

The Evil Within​

October 26 is less than a week away, so you can expect to see some spooky games discounted soon. If past Halloween sales are any indication, the sale will include more than just the types of horror games you might expect.

In the meantime, Steam has free weekend events going on right now for a pair of Warhammer games.

Source: GameSpot