Rocket League, in all its crazy soccer-meets-driving game glory, is available to play for free on Steam starting today and into the weekend. You can play through the full game, including Competitive, Dropshot, or Rumble modes.

The free play will expire Sunday morning (typically available until 1 PM PT), but if you fall in love with the game and want to buy it, there is a 30% discount throughout the free weekend period. The full game is normally $20 / £15, but is available this weekend for $14 / £8.99. You can also get 30% off the Rocket League GOTY Edition and most DLC.

Rocket League sets you up with your own rocket-powered vehicle for an epic game of soccer on wheels. You crash into balls for incredible goals or saves across many arenas. The game uses an advanced physics system to simulate realistic interactions in a high-octane environment.

The game reached a new milestone for users last month, with 30 million registered players. The company has also said it is open to the possibility of launching on the Nintendo Switch in the future.

Rocket League is available right now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Meanwhile, Tom Clancy's The Division is also available to play for free this weekend on PC via Steam (and on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One). The full game is available on a free trial until Sunday.

Source: GameSpot