Stardew Valley’s multiplayer mode launches on Nintendo Switch this week, making it the first console to receive the update. As players on PC already know, Dec. 13’s big update will come with a slew of both single- and multiplayer content for farmers to check out.

First and foremost is online co-op, which supports up to four players working together on a single farm. You’ll get your own cabin, but otherwise, all the farming, fishing and whatnot will be a collaborative effort. You can have your own partner too, though; no sharing of spouses here. One of those options, however, can be another player. Voice chat is available as well — note that all online features require a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to access. There’s also local play for people in the same room, however, each with their own Switch.

Anyone who prefers the solo farming lifestyle will be able to check out new single-player content, which includes a new winter festival, character events, and most importantly, the ability to give your horse a hat.

Chucklefish is handling the launch of this update — which arrives just one day before Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone ends his long partnership with the company and takes over publishing efforts by himself. Chucklefish will continue to handle and publish the Switch and mobile versions of Stardew Valley, while Barone is taking over for all other platforms. He’ll be in charge of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game receiving multiplayer, which he says is still in the works.

Source: Polygon