Patch 3.8.0 for Startcraft 2 is here, and includes a huge number of changes to both singleplayer and multiplayer sides of the game.

On the singleplayer side, the third and final mission pack for Nova Covert Ops is now available for those that purchased it, or the full mission bundle. According to a blog post on the subject, this pack closes out the the Nova storyline, and includes a bunch of new tech for players to inflict on their foes.

A new co-op mission called Miner Evacuation has also been added, in which players will need to extract miners left stranded on a planet overrun with infested units. Shuttles will need protection while they load passengers on board and flee the planet.

Multiplayer changes are bundled up into the long-awaited Multiplayer Revamp, which brings a horrifying number of changes to the game. For example, here are just three of the bigger changes: the Cyclone has been redesigned as a front-line anti-armor damage dealer, the Battlecruiser’s energy bar has been replaced with separate 71-second ability cooldowns, and the Siege Tank has been made slightly more powerful, but also more complicated by increasing the micro required to lift it with Medivacs.

To read the full list of changes in patch 3.8.0, check out the patch notes over on battle.net.

Source: GameSpot