While not quite as massive as the 3.8.0 update from last month, version 3.9.0 of Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void introduces a brace of new singleplayer content and bugfixes for your mouse-clicking pleasure.

Stukov has been added for purchase as a new commander to co-op missions, along with the first dual-race army to ever grace the game. Stukov’s army focuses on high-frequency and cheap zerg and infested terran units, along with some devastating combined Zerg/Terran heavy-hitters. The Apocolisk is an ultralisk festooned with terran armament, and the Alexsander is an infested super battlecruiser, raining fire from on high.

Alongside Stukov, all three Nova Covert Ops mission packs have been bound together in the Super Nova Bundle, along with the Nova Co-op Commander, and the Nova announcer.

Four new community 1v1 maps have also been added to multiplayer: Abyssal Reef, Paladino Terminal, Proxima Station, and Honorgrounds.

Nothing much of note to report in the bugfixes included in 3.9.0, just a few balance and playability adjustments, and some minor UI and cutscene fixes.

In other Blizzard news, the company has recently launched a book publishing label, and long-standing Blizzard veteran Chris Metzen spoke to podcaster Scott Johnson about his reasons for retiring from the games industry.

Source: GameSpot