Star Wars: Battlefront Week Long Twitch Event

The release of Star Wars: Battlefront is just under an hour away. Coming with it is EA’s official Star Wars: Battlefront week-long Twitch stream....
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    The release of Star Wars: Battlefront is just under an hour away. Coming with it is EA’s official Star Wars: Battlefront week-long Twitch stream. The stream will feature daily challenges for players, streams by top Twitch streamers, giveaways, and a Star Wars: Battlefront competition on a galactic scale.

    During the entire course of the week, the entire Twitch community will be able to take on daily Mastery Challenges to show off who has the best skills in Star Wars: Battlefront. The challenges will be based around Hero Hunt, Fighter Squadron, Supremacy and the Survival mission. If you happen to be streaming Star Wars: Battlefront, and you’ve successfully completed a Mastery Challenge, anyone viewing your stream can show support for you via email, social media, and a set of custom Star Wars: Battlefront Twitch Emotes. Twitch will then look for and select winners solely based upon the community feedback given to the streamers. The winners of the contest will be rewarded with a feature in the Twitch homepage. If you’d like to take a shot at this on Se7enSins, make sure to apply for a Day One Star Wars: Battlefront Streamer position here.


    In addition to all of this. you’ll be able to watch professional Twitch streamers from EA’s RONKU program. Each streamer will help potential buyers and players learn more and more about the game every single day. Players will get to see the different game modes, tips and tricks, and even get to watch the streamers attempt to complete the daily challenges! The RONKU primetime broadcasts will begin at 12PM PT / 9PM CET.

    As for the end to this entire event, this Saturday, the Twitch week will reach an epic conclusion with the Star Wars: Battlefront Challenge. You’ll get to watch top Star Wars: Battlefront personalities battle in a live streamed event for a grand prize. During this event, they’ll be facing off in the Survival Mode Challenge, a Speeder Bike Time Trial Run, Single-Player Hero Battles, and finally an epic 1 on 1 Hero Battle featuring Luke Skywalker vs Darth Vader. The finale will be Hosted by Anna Robinson, and the Challenge will take place in front of a live audience in the MLG Studio E-sports arena in Columbus, Ohio. Star Wars: Battlefront drops in less than an hour for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Are you ready?

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  1. Swifty
  2. IrishCaveman
    I would love to Stream for Se7enSins, My Schedule is a bit jumbled but I live in Ireland so I could stream at an earlier time based on me being hours ahead of the USA.
  3. Chazay
    This is gonna be so cool. This game is a nice game to watch.
  4. 3xTiNcT
    What are the challenges for the exclusive emotes? I'd stream for Se7inSins but my schedule is all messed up. I could stream it all day too.
  5. televisedfool
    So much hype! This game is going to be soooooooooo awesome. Loved the beta taste of the game. :biggrin: