The official Star Wars Battlefront website might have leaked the game’s release date ahead of its big reveal at Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim tomorrow. From the source code on the website we can read: "The latest news and updates for Star Wars Battlefront. Available November 17, 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC." Now this might be changed in the future, so the date might not be the same as we will see in the official announcement tomorrow. Follow the countdown to the official reveal here. Additionally, users on NeoGAF has been able to dig up two images from the official site, one showing what might be concept art, another that looks like a screenshot:

EA has set up their booth at Star Wars Celebration, and according to vg24/7.com this is how it looks. There is a lot of information to gather from this if you look closer:

We have been given a little taste of what the game might look like within this teaser trailer of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. If you really want to see what the game will look like, the livestream of gameplay planned for tomorrow will be something for you to look out for.

Now, most of this information is unconfirmed and needs to be treated as such. We will not know for certain until EA and DICE are ready to tell us tomorrow.