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Star Wars Battlefront New Gamemode Trailer Released


Two days ago, EA released a teaser trailer for their new and upcoming gamemode, as well as new contracts for their most popular game to date: Star Wars Battlefront. Here's the kicker, the video is unlisted, meaning that it cannot be found through the search engine or by browsing - you have to actually dig deep to find it. This doesn't surprise a lot of people, as EA always tries to keep newer things they plan on releasing under wraps until they want the public to know about it. Fortunately, the trailer has been found and can be publicly viewed.

In the video, Jabba the Hutt appears to be holding some sort of holograms with the DL-18 pistol and what could possibly be a new gun, which appears to be a sniper rifle of some sorts. Nobody really knows much about the Hutt Contracts, as the video didn't go too deep into detail. It could possibly be another multiplayer mode, or another survival type mission that also launched with the game's release. Keep in mind that this is a free update and will be separate from the paid DLC that EA has already announced and outlined in their schedule.

The latest game update for Star Wars Battlefront was released yesterday, which included a new survival mission, as well as adding in a Rebel Depot on Tatooine. It also brought the Survivors of Endor to the Walker Assault, Supremacy, and Turning Point modes. The next biggest update EA currently has planned for Star Wars Battlefront is Outer Rim, which will be the first paid DLC released for the game. It will feature new maps, weapons, heroes, and another new mode.

EA has made it abundantly clear that they have big plans in store for Star Wars Battlefront, with updates chock-full of content to experience for players. With Outer Rim releasing in the near future and this update also on its way.
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