I know most of you are currently enjoying the Star Wars: Battlefront Beta. While playing, I'm sure you all noticed some of the greyed out game modes that were unavailable to play. DICE has finally decided to shed some light on these new game modes. But first, I have some great news for you guys! The Star Wars: Battlefront Beta has been extended for one more day. All throughout October 13th you guys can get one last push as the Imperial forces, or the Rebels defending themselves from the dark side. DICE has also announced the details for the Star Wars: Battlefront Season Pass! It will cost $50, and will extend the game with four new expansion packs which will be released after the game launches. Season Pass owners will be happy to know that the bonus content doesn't end there. If you buy the Season Pass, you'll also get two-week early access to each expansion pack, and an exclusive "Shoot First" emote. But enough about that, let's dive right in to the details about all the new game modes!


DICE has revealed the details on a new mode called Cargo. In this tug-of-war style game mode, Rebels and Imperials fight over precious cargo. Your main objective will be to make your way to the enemy base, steal their cargo, and bring it back home. What makes Cargo different from the traditional "capture the flag" style of gameplay, is that you don't need your team's cargo in your base in order to capture the enemy team's cargo. Your skills and tactics will need to be top notch to outsmart your opponents not only offensively, but defensively as well. Matches in Cargo include a maximum of 6 players on each team.​

Scoring will work differently in Cargo. In the beginning of a match, the score will be automatically set to 5-5. If your team collects one enemy crate without their cargo being taken, then the score moves up to 6-4. If your team has the highest score after the 15-minute round finished, you will win. Moving towards what will be available to you, players will have several tools that help you perfect your offensive or defensive skills. Smoke Grenades and Jump Packs will greatly assist you if you're an attacker. If defense is more your style, Proximity Mines and Barrage will suit you better. Defenders will also be able to use the stationary E-Web Turrets to protect their home base.

Maps in the Cargo mode are meant to be fair to both teams. DICE has worked hard to ensure the areas players will be fighting on are symmetrical and well defined. One map they went into detail on is the Rebel Depot on Tatooine. This map will take place on the holes of the desert where Rebels have a small base set up. There will be three lanes to fight around, and the Millennium Falcon as the set piece for the center lane. Ensuring that players are set to have a great time planning their moves carefully. You'll be able to use your Jump Pack to get on top of the Millennium Falcon to utilize it as a tactical advantage point to take out enemies. Just make sure you stay aware of flanking enemies on all sides.


The next game mode DICE revealed is an action-packed mode called Droid Run. The Rebels and Imperials are at war yet again, but this time it's over the GNK Power Droids. In Droid Run there will be three active objectives you will need to control. All three of them are GNK Droids, and each will be constantly on the move, having to be caught before the capture process can start. The end goal for this new mode was to create a dynamic and action-filled experience. This mode will also feature 6v6 matches. Your goal in these smaller rounds will be to capture and hold all three GNK Droids before the ten minute time limit is up.

Furthermore in Droid Run, you'll have weapon pickups to help you meet the goal, but Heroes, Villains, and vehicles won't be available. Essentially turning this game mode into a much more infantry-based experience where communication will be your most powerful weapon. Letting your teammates know if you've found a Droid, or have stumbled upon a group of enemies could be the key to victory. The strategies you'll use in Droid Run will be different from those used in other modes. One good play style to use in Droid Run will be a slow, yet explosive approach to combat. The best gear to use for this stealthier approach are the Thermal Detonators and Cycler Rifles. If you prefer something a little more dynamic and chaotic, equip Jump Packs to get around the map as fast as possible.

The design of the Droid Run maps were meant to be small to ensure a high tempo and player count. You'll be able to enjoy different variations of this mode on Tatooine, Endor, Hoth, Sullust, and in December Jakku will also be available to dominate. As a special treat for players in this new mode, DICE has designed a dynamically animated antenna for the Droids. If you shoot the antenna, something special will happen. You'll be able to find out what this is when the game releases.


Heroes and Villains: these powerful characters can be the major turning point to any intense battle in Star Wars: Battlefront. In the right hands, a Hero or Villain could lead a team to victory, or completely obliterate the opposing team. When a Hero or Villain spawns on the map, players either cower back in fear or strike together. In the new mode Hero Hunt, your skills will be put to the ultimate test. Starting off as either a Hero or Villain character depending on the planet you're playing on; you'll be fighting solo in this intense seven versus one game mode.

If you're playing as the Hero or Villain target, and a player delivers the killing blow to you, they will take your place as the most powerful character on the map. The hunter will quickly become the hunted in this new mode. Whether you work with your team to take down your opponent or try to steal the final blow for yourself to receive ultimate power, is solely up to you. Hero Hunt is meant to be a fantasy-fulfilling game mode designed to feel like an intense, multiplayer boss fight. Your communication skills will need to be on point for your team to survive. A good strategy would be to stick close to your team so when the Hero or Villain appears on your radar you can strike them down as quickly as possible.

Power Cards will be vital in Hero Hunt. Deploying Turrets or Proximity Bombs in strategic areas where health boosts spawn for Heroes and Villains could be what deals the final blow on an opponent weak opponent looking for health. It's good to know every ability each Hero and Villain character has so you're never caught with your pants down. For example: if the current Villain is Boba Fett, you're going to want to stick to confined areas where his Jetpack will be virtually useless. If Darth Vader is your opponent, stick to narrow corridors to make sure his specialty at taking out crowds of people won't be of use. Going for a divide-and-conquer strategy will be your best bet if you're playing as a Hero or Villain. Even though your power will be massive, you're not invincible. Picking off your enemies one by one would be the best way to go.

All of these new game modes will be available when Star Wars: Battlefront releases on November 17th on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. What are your thought on these new modes, and which one are you excited for the most?

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