The last Star Wars Battlefront game to reach the shelves of stores across the world was Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron, which was released in 2009. Now, six years later, fans of the series are dying to get more information about the newest edition from EA, Star Wars Battlefront III. However, many fans were not content with the last leak of information from EA, that being that Battlefront III will be EA's "major FPS of 2015." EA stated that they plan to have one major FPS per year. This year's FPS will be Battlefront III, and next year's will be Battlefield 5. This confirms that Battlefront III will no doubt be a FPS, and that may mean that third person will not be an option.


This statement bothers many long fans of the series, as the Battlefront games have always been in third person. This statement has also caused discussions among fans regarding the possibility of first person mode only being optional and not mandatory, as seen in Grand Theft Auto V. Rockstar did a great job with allowing players to toggle between first person and third person mode, and many fans of Battlefront hope that EA will do a similar work of beauty with Battlefront III.

Personally, I am not bothered by this statement. I grew up playing the first two Battlefront games, and third person mode was not what made those games intriguing to me, so I will not be reluctant to let that feature go. I do hope to see what is in store for the game as far as online play, vehicles, maps, and offline play, but I don't mind what mode I'm viewing my player from while on the game.

Now that this has been confirmed, fans only need one thing: the release date of the game. Fans hope that the game's release will be announced at this year's E3 event.

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