Star Wars Battlefront II is getting several updates this year. EA unveiled a roadmap that details when players can start seeing content drops. The first update is free and out now. It launches a new Hero Starfighter mode and patches Hero gameplay, map layouts, and a few other quality-of-life improvements.

Hero Starfighters is a new multiplayer mode that pits two teams of four against one another. Every player spawns as one of the Hero ships for their side. When a player is killed, they can no longer pilot a Hero ship and have to spawn as a standard fighter, interceptor, or bomber. Standard ships have unlimited lives. Teams win the round when all opposing Hero ships are destroyed and the game goes to whichever team wins three out of five rounds. This new mode will also offer a swifter way for players to level up any of their Hero ships.

The rest of the Hero Starfighter update addresses content that's played on the ground. Hero characters that use a lightsaber can now turn their weapon on and off at the press of a button, and blocking blaster bolts with a lightsaber will now consume stamina. Ewok Hunt is back with a few tweaks to gameplay. Jetpack Cargo is now available on the Great Temple Yavin 4 map. Extraction is once again available as an Operation, but only for the month of July.

Almost every existing hero, hero ship, game mode, and map is getting an update. The full patch notes can be viewed on the Star Wars Battlefront II forum, but here's a list of the more notable updates:
  • Sullustan appearance has been added to the Resistance and Rebel version of the Assault class
  • Players can swap their appearances pre-round
  • Daily quest system now gives three quests per day instead of one, and the daily quests reward per quest has been reduced from 1000 to 500
  • On Strike, Objective Delivery Zones are now visually represented in the world
  • On Hero Showdown, there are new HUD elements that show the health of team members

Source: GameSpot