Star Wars Battlefront DLC Announced, Adds New Heroes and Maps

Electronic Arts has just announced details for their first Star Wars Battlefront DLC. The name of the first pack is 'Outer Rim' and will be...
  1. Aydind
    Electronic Arts has just announced details for their first Star Wars Battlefront DLC. The name of the first pack is 'Outer Rim' and will be available sometime this month. This DLC includes a bunch of new features which include, new locations, heroes, a game mode, and more! One of the new maps takes place on Sullust, which is a planet known for lava flow and manufacturing plants. Players will engage in many short-ranged and long-ranged battles inside the palace of Jabba the Hutt. The other map added by this DLC will be Tatooine, which is set around Jabba's throne.

    Two new hero characters will be available as part of the expansion. These two characters are Greedo and Nien Nunb, who can be seen in the image below. No other information has been released about these new heroes, but as we can tell from the image that was released, both heroes will use guns with Greedo carrying a pistol and Nien Nunb a rifle.

    Those who purchase the DLC will also have access to the Relby V-10 rifle, the DT12 blaster pistol, as well as new Star Cards which include the two new weapons, the Scatter Gun, the Dioxis Grenade, and Adrenaline Stim. These new cards can be collected and used in battle.

    Moving on to the new game mode, DICE is adding something along the lines of Capture the Flag. This new game mode will be called Extraction and works in a way similar to Capture the Flag, but it has several notable differences. Rebels will have to fight to deliver resources to their transport before time runs out. Players sided with the Empire will have to try and stop them from delivering the resources in order to win the match.

    A release date has not been set for the DLC, but it is expected to release sometime in March for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Outer Rim will be available for those who purchased the $50 Season Pass. Several other DLC packs are expected to be announced sometime in the near future, so stay tuned!


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  1. XeClutch
    Got this game for free on Xbox One a few days ago (buddy that game shares with me got the deluxe edition for $35 on the store) and I gotta say, the game is fun but it's got issues. First of all this game is basically pay to win. Secondly I feel like more people were playing the beta than the full game. I have yet to get into a game of walker assault with more than 4 other people. The only populated game modes are drop zone, blast, and heroes vs villains. I think that if EA decided to just give out the rest of the DLC (which I know they're never going to do) even for a limited amount of time it's going to kick start the game again. Go to swbstats and you'll see that hardly anyone plays this game on PC or Xbox One.
    1. RocketBunny
      In what way is this game pay2win lol there isnt even anything to buy other than a seasons pass that gives you no extra boosts. I got to lvl 50 just fine without paying a dime other than paying for the game itself
    2. XeClutch
      So have you just never edited your loadout or what because you would see that you have the option to buy all of the weapons (and cards I think) in the game at any level.
    3. RocketBunny
      yeah its there if your lazy. its not like you have to do it to win. Very easy to still level up and play the game without spending any real money on it
  2. Keeley Hazell
    Well this is a shame. Two nobodies from the Star Wars universe lol. I wanted Obi Wan, Yoda, Darth Maul maybe..
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    2. Arxhive
      The Clone Wars is referring to the prequel era. And also, that animated show was the best thing to happen to Star Wars. Then big daddy Disney stepped in and pulled the plug because it was too dark.
    3. Keeley Hazell
      All about a matter of opinion. The story might have been good but I don't like watching Star Wars in cartoon form on Cartoon Network. I'll stick to the actual movies.
    4. Keeley Hazell
      From what I do know I don't agree with some of the plot.. They resurrected Darth Maul and gave him a brother... lol.
  3. Salus
    Thank god I didn't buy a season pass :hilarious::hilarious:
  4. Arxhive
    This game is just a crappy money grab. Not remotely interested anymore. I'll go back to SWBF2.
  5. 3xTiNcT
    They should of made this DLC free.. :/
      Aydind likes this.
  6. televisedfool
    New content is always welcomed. Can't wait to play as Nien Nunb. :biggrin:
    1. Arxhive