Rejoice my fellow Star Wars fans, DICE has revealed a little bit more about the upcoming beta for Star Wars: Battlefront, which was confirmed to be available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The beta will consist of both online and offline game modes, including a co-op mode and split screen co-op. The beta was confirmed to be shipping out with the maps Hoth and Sullust. Players will be able to enjoy the game modes Walker Assault and the all new game mode, Drop Zone.

Now if multiplayer isn't something you enjoy, fret not. DICE has you covered! Also coming with the beta are missions players can run solo, or with a friend in co-op mode. You'll be able to take on the new Survival Mission mode on the planet Tatooine to suit your offline gameplay needs.


DICE has also taken time time to answer two questions regarding the beta. Fighter Squadron mode will contain 10 enemy AI units on each opposing team. Vehicles in the beta will come with their own unique weaponry and abilities that will keep them true to the Star Wars universe. Last but not least, the only weaponry in the beta will be primary blaster and a handful of Star Cards. Star Cards are a new Star Wars: Battlefront feature that allow players to customize their character before heading into the battlefield. Instead of a class system similar to the Battlefield series, Battlefront will allow players to maintain a set of cards, three of which will be active at all times. Gear such as shields, grenades, and jetpacks will come in the form of Star Cards. You can then equip the cards and take the gear into battle with you. The more you play the game and progress, the more cards you will unlock. Players will also be able to share their cards with their partners. Instead of 4 to 5 man squads like in the Battlefield series. Players in Star Wars: Battlefront will operate in teams of two. You'll know what cards you have by looking at the bottom right corner of your screen:


Star Wars: Battlefront releases on PS4, Xbox One and PC on November 17th 2015.