The already-revealed Darth Maul is not the only element of the Star Wars prequel films that will be present in Battlefront II. Naboo will also serve as the location for one of the game's multiplayer maps.

We'd already heard the map would be included in Battlefront II, but during the latest episode of The Star Wars Show, the teaser image below was shared. The map is called Assault on Theed (Theed is the capital of Naboo) and will be showcased during a livestream this Saturday, June 10, at 1 PM PT. This will consist of a live 20 vs. 20 match set on Assault on Theed.

We'll presumably be getting other new details about Battlefront II during EA's press conference, which takes place at 12 PM PT on Saturday. A giant poster for the game has already been unveiled in Los Angeles.

Battlefront II addresses some criticisms of the previous game, introducing a single-player campaign. Its multiplayer mode also introduces characters and settings from various eras of Star Wars. For more, check out our feature detailing what we want from Battlefront II at E3.

Source: GameSpot