At this year’s E3, EA and DICE offered long apologies for the state of Star Wars Battlefront 2 at launch, among other things, but also teased that new content for the game was still on the way. While an improved squad system and new appearances for existing characters are coming in September, the big news is the schedule for new heroes, locations and vehicles.

General Grievous will be released in October, while a much bigger update is scheduled for November.

“Countering General Grievous, Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi is reinforcing the light side of the Force in November,” the Battlefront 2 team wrote on the official page. “Obi-Wan will be able to demonstrate his heroic abilities in our newest Galactic Assault map, Geonosis. Releasing in November, the new location is known as a major theatre of conflict during the Clone Wars. Traversing the Geonosian homeworld will be even more exciting with the addition of three new vehicles: the STAP, the BARC speeder, and the AT-TE.”

Count Dooku and a light-side version of Anakin Skywalker will be coming to the game this winter, along with an all-new game mode.

“And, we’re excited to be releasing a new mode in Star Wars Battlefront II, a non-linear Star Wars sandbox experience,” the team explained. “In this mode, two teams battle for capture points and to ultimately bring down capital ships.”

More details and specific timelines will be coming in the future, along with ongoing efforts in “matchmaking, daily challenges, map rotation, bug fixing and balancing.”

Source: Polygon