It’s no secret that avid gamers sometimes get into situations, where, despite their best efforts they just cannot pull through and they face defeat. I’m sure anyone who has been gaming long enough (in a competitive scene or otherwise) will eventually be beaten or otherwise defeated and of course, it won’t be their fault. Perhaps the connection just wasn’t holding up well enough? The other player was cheating? I’m sure you’ve heard that before. One of the most common excuses however, is “oh my hand slipped!” Yes, sweaty hands are literally one of the biggest threats to gamers, and isn’t that just a little embarrassing? At this point, you’re probably thinking that sweaty hands is a ridiculous excuse for failing in a game and to be honest you’re very right, but it does happen to a lot of people and if you thought about it you’d remember a time when it happened to you.

There are solutions to this problem, some of which you may find silly or just unnecessary. I’m sure you’ve heard of putting talc on your hands before you play or spraying your hands with deodorant, in fact, there are even specially manufactured gels that gamers can purchase for application to resolve the issue, but that doesn’t sound very appealing to me. I’m not sure I’m okay with getting talc, deodorant or even this special gel on my expensive controllers and I’m sure a lot of you are the same. This brings us to the best solution available: grips, or more specifically, SquidGrips!

SquidGrips are a very viable option for gamers. Not only are they very affordable, but the application process takes all of 15 seconds, with very little danger of applying them improperly. The application process was very simple. Simply peel the grips from the paper and follow the pictured instructions. Really all you have to do is line up the designated holes in the grips with specific spots and lines on the Xbox controller (presumable very similar for the PS4 controller), then simply apply pressure and roll out the grips to avoid air pockets. The grips also came with some stylish stickered button like things (which I later found out were customizable on their website) with designated spots to add them. These don’t add anything in particular to the usefulness of the grips, but they do of course make you look cooler, which is always nice.

When applied to the controller, the grips look rather appealing. The design is both aesthetically pleasing and efficient, so there is no need to fear your controller becoming a gaudy looking nightmare due these grips, in fact, the grips seem to accentuate the base design of the standard controller. They feel as comfortable as they look. Running your hand or fingers across the grips will lead you to believe they are callus and would cause discomfort, but when actually holding the controller your grip is tighter and there is no sign of discomfort from chafing. Obviously one of the main features of the grips is the sweat control and it is very evident that it works wonders. Your hands may still sweat of course but it won’t affect your grip at all.

Unlike some controller additions, such as thumb stick covers or trigger extenders, these grips don’t necessarily affect gameplay directly. Of course you are going to be more focused and therefore play better if your grip is tight and your hands are dry, but aside from that you won’t experience any direct advantages from using these grips, but don’t think that they won’t help you, because they certainly will. An exemplary grip can do wonders for your performance in gaming, even for casual gamers. You’re going to be playing better and therefore having more fun, so you don’t need to be a pro player of sorts to get a nice usage from the grips, they are designed for anyone to use!

All in all I feel good about SquidGrips. I think they are a great help to both my grip and sweat control, and to complement their usefulness, they make my controller look very nice as well. I would definitely recommend them for any gamer out there using a controller, whether you’re a casual gamer, a pro gamer or just a sweaty gamer who can’t hold his controller. They are affordable, sturdy, very easy to apply and a great help. Obviously I can only speak for the Xbox One models of the SquidGrips being that that was what I used, but I imagine the effects are replicated for the Playstions consoles and the Xbox 360. Perhaps in the future SquidGrips will even be able to provide their product for PC gamers.


As a special addition to this review, we at Se7enSins will be giving away TWO sets of SquidGrips to lucky members. One set for Xbox One and one set for PS4. By replying to this thread you will be entered to win based on a random selection, so simply state your preferred console in your reply! The contest will end on Friday the 13th (spooky) and will be contacted by Aaron. Also thank you to Aaron for organizing this for us, without him there would be no review and as a result, no contest.​