With Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III coming out next year, Square Enix has been busy publishing games that fans have been patiently waiting for to be released. They have also had a few other side projects in the works and have now added another two games to their list along with a surprise. Even with all of this going on, Square Enix announced that they will be bringing two new games for mobile devices as well as a Final Fantasy companion app.

The first game that was introduced is called Final Fantast: Brave Exvius and is being co-developed with Japanese Gaming developers A-Lim. A-Lim is best known for their game Brave Frontier. Looking at the screen grabs of the game below, you can see that the game has quite a resemblance to that of Brave Frontier. Though they share characteristics in graphics and art style, the combat system is completely different. As you play the game, you will have to travel through fields and on roads to explore the open world and make it to your destination. The game will also have characters from past Final Fantasy games that will help you along your way or possibly try to stop you. A-Lim wants to make this game something that you wouldn't normally expect to see on a mobile device.

The other game is called Final Fantasy Legends: The Space Time Crystal. Not much is known about the game except that it is an RPG in which the player is sent back in time to prevent the future from being destroyed by a god. This game is meant to emulate the experience of SNES-era RPGs and is being developed by Takashi Tokita who helped design and work on Final Fantasy IV.

Along with this exciting news, Square Enix also announced a Final Fantasy Portal app in which fans will be able to keep up on the latest news and talk to other Final Fantasy members. The app will also feature a card game called Triple Triad. It has been reported that playing the game will earn you points that can be spent towards digital content but in order to gain points, you must register with a Square Enix ID. You will also be able to share cards between the app and Final Fantasy XIV.

The games and app will be available on iOS and Android OS early next year but will only be made available in Japan. There is no confirmation that these will be made available for other countries. You can find images for Brave Exvius below.