Acquiring the Dragon Quest name is one of the most secure ways of making sure a gaming platform is successful for a long time in Japan. Every time a new entry is launched, it will sell millions of copies there, and it even has a history of doing fairly good in the west. And with this in mind, Square Enix and Sony put their heads together and came up with a title, that from what we know so far, seems to be a Playstation exclusive. Dragon Quest: Heroes is a hack and slash action RPG made by Omega Force, the makers of Dynasty Warriors. It was presented today at the Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia press conference.

While this announcement sounds like good news for Sony, it is not necessarily great news. If they told us that Dragon Quest XI was in the making and would be a Playstation exclusive, now that would be great news. Instead they are giving us a spin-off title that looks to play a lot like the Dynasty Warriors series, a good example being the Hyrule Warriors game that is on its way to Wii U. Not much else was revealed about the game itself, but from what we can see, it sure has a lot of enemies to fight, all the Dragon Quest classics like slimes, cyclopses, dragons, skeletons, wizards and golems are present. You can see more in the video below:

There is no mention of a release outside of Japan. However, assuming Hyrule Warriors does well on Wii U, Sony might consider the translation worth while for a launch in the US and Europe. Dragon Quest: Heroes is currently set to be released sometime in 2015 in Japan, and it would be a good guess to assume that we will not be seeing this on the shelves until the end of the year, when the holidays draw near. If you are a Dragons Quest fan though, you are in for a treat. To commemorate the launch, Sony is making a special edition silver "Metal Slime" PS4, complemented by a custom engraved HDD cover and matching DualShock 4 controllers.


Are you a Dragons Quest fan? Is this a game you will be grabbing if it releases near you? And what do you think about the special edition PS4?