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Spy Game Alekhine's Gun Release Date Moved to February


Whether you’ve heard of this game or not, Alekhine’s Gun is shaping up to be quite an immersive take on Cold War espionage. It will feature many stealth tactics and intense shootouts, boasting all of the skills that can be expected out of a highly trained CIA spy. Originally slated for release this month, Maximum Games has announced that they will be pushing back the launch date to February of 2016.

Alekhine’s Gun will be the first title that Maximum Games launches as publishers, therefore they felt it was necessary to hold off on its release in order to perfect any last minute details. Furthermore, they also felt it was important for the game’s release to match the massive amounts of positive feedback and support they have been receiving from the gaming community all around the world. Rather than delivering the game early to please eager gamers, only for it to fall short of the expectations, or to be riddled with bugs like many other games that release much too soon.

In Alekhine’s Gun, players will set out to uncover a conspiracy during the Cold War as Agent Alekhine, a KGB assassin who turned into a double agent and is now also a CIA spy. The game will take place in multiple different regions as you scour the globe in search of various targets and information. Take on all the responsibilities of a CIA spy as you steal documents, utilize stealth tactics to sneak past enemies, deactivate wiretaps and explosives while setting some of your own, and of course, assassinate targets. Unlike other games that only offer one route to reach your destination, Alekhine’s Gun will have multiple different ways to complete each mission. So be sure to keep an eye out for hidden rooms and vantage points that could work to your advantage.

Alekhine’s Gun will now be released to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on February 9th, 2016 in the United States and Europe.

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