Last week, it was reported that a Spotify app for Xbox One was on the way. People noticed that Major Nelson was testing it, and a follow-up report from The Verge seemingly confirmed that the app was indeed on the way for Xbox One. Now, the app's product page has gone live, signalling a release very soon, it looks like.

The official description explains that Spotify's Xbox One app will offer basically everything the PlayStation 4's version does. You can listen to music while playing a game, and browse for songs, albums, and playlists. You can also use your phone or tablet to change the music without leaving your game, which is pretty good.



If you have Spotify Premium, you get higher-quality audio and no ads. You can see some images of the Spotify Xbox One app above, from the app's product page.

Spotify is already available on PS4, as the service officially replaced Music Unlimited when it launched for PS4 and PlayStation 3 in March 2015. Spotify never said it wouldn't bring the service to other platforms, saying only, "That's to be decided exactly."

Spotify has been a huge hit on PS4, with users streaming more than 5 billion tracks. PlayStation users also really like Drake.

Last summer, Microsoft rolled out background music support on Xbox One through its own music service, Groove Music service. Microsoft's music service used to be called Xbox Music, but changed to Groove Music in 2015.

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Source: GameSpot