Playstation owners will be happy to know that today Playstation Music is now featuring the Spotify application. Spotify replaced Sony's Music Unlimited Service and is launching in 41 different markets around the world. This means many Spotify users can now stream music to their console while playing games. Playstation Music is a free application that can be used along with Spotify accounts, free or premium.

Vice president for Sony Network Entertainment's business and operations, Eric Lempel, announced that Sony will be developing Playstation Music and Spotify. This is unusual as Sony usually let the third-party service companies do this themselves. Lempel says that "this was a real collaboration to make sure it really fits the PlayStation audience and kind of stays true to what Spotify is."

Here is a gallery of images of the Spotify application on PS4:

When users first run the Spotify app, they have the choice of logging in with an existing account or creating a new account and receiving a 30 day trial of Spotify premium. Those who were subscribed to Sony's Music Unlimited get a 60 trial of Spotify premium. When logging in to Spotify on PS4 or the PS3 via the app on a mobile device, users do not need to type a thing, yes that's right, hands free. This is because the mobile app can detect the wifi network on which your console is connected to and sign right in.

Unfortunately for PS3 users, only PS4 owners can listen to music and game at the same time, as a representative of Sony says the feature won't be added to the PS3 app any time soon.

I feel this will be great news for both Playstation users and Spotify users, as Playstation users no longer have to pay subscription fees and Spotify users can listen while gaming. It's a shame that PS3 users cannot multitask, but I'm sure their hearts will be made up by using the new Spotify app. Moreover, I like how using the mobile application when logging in means you don't have to do so on the console itself, allowing you to have an extra slurp of your coffee before it goes cold. What are your thoughts on this?

Thanks Zero for the submission idea.