A new trailer tacked onto the end of today’s Nintendo Direct shows off Splatoon 2’s single-player mode. Alongside some more hints at the game’s surprisingly deep storyline, it offers a tour through the sequel’s glossy sights. What we’re treated to in the trailer are some looks at the various stages kids and squids will ink their way through over the course of Hero Mode’s missions. They’re a bit reminiscent of the areas from Splatoon on Wii U — which is nothing to complain about. Yet these stages also appear to take place in more diverse locations and feature some different faces than those in the previous game.

Before that, though, is a cutscene that reintroduces one of the game’s central figures. We’re most excited to see how the return of Marie, the Squid Sister whose dramatic breakup with fellow idol Callie has fueled much of Splatoon 2’s intrigue thus far, plays into the game’s plot.

Nintendo’s released several chapters of a prologue that explains how the pair parted ways following Splatoon’s final online event. This trailer doesn’t close the book on the story just yet, so we’ll have to wait until July 21 to find out what this all means for the future of Inkopolis’ most beloved musical duo.

Source: Polygon