The latest Spider-Man PS4 update has arrived, and it adds a new feature and a number of other fixes and changes. The new feature is a small but welcome one: the ability to invert the camera horizontally, while Photo Mode gets a new Exposure setting and three new filters.

In a tweet, developer Insomniac Games said it's aware of the other new features players want to see. "There is more to come," the studio wrote.

As for the bug fixes, the new patch fixes an issue that could result in getting stuck inside the Empire State Building spire. The update also makes Research Stations look better. Elsewhere, the update generally improves stability while it also fixes a number of UI and pop issues.

You can see the full patch notes below, as posted on Reddit.

Spider-Man for PS4 sold 3.3 million copies within the first three days of release, passing God of War (3.1 million copies in three days) to set a new PS4 sales record.

GameSpot's Spider-Man review scored the game a 9/10. "Insomniac has created a superior Spider-Man experience that leaves a lasting impression, one that has you longing for just one more swing around New York City, even after the credits roll," reviewer Edmond Tran wrote.

Spider-Man 1.06 Patch Notes:

New Features
  • Added the option to invert the camera horizontally.

Fixes & Updates
  • Addressed an issue where the game could freeze on a load of a save game.
  • Addressed an issue where players could get stuck inside the Empire State Building spire.
  • Addressed various issues with Research Stations locking incorrectly.
  • Addressed an issue where puzzles would be locked out in the lab after investigating an audio recorder.
  • Addressed a progression stopper when completing Demon Bases and quitting out at the end.
  • Addressed a progression stopper when knocking Mr Negative out of the arena during his boss fight.
  • Addressed a progression stopper during point launch tutorial.
  • Further improved stability.
  • Addressed various UI issues.
  • Addressed various animation pop issues.
  • Addressed various additional issues.

Source: GameSpot