Sony is bringing back translucent DualShock controllers for the PS4. The company is releasing three new DS4 colors, which include Red Crystal (exclusive to Best Buy), Blue Crystal (exclusive to Walmart), and Crystal (exclusive to GameStop/EB Games). Sony sent us the last two. We'll walk you through what they look like in the following gallery.

You can purchase any of the three SKUs now. Currently, the Crystal controller retails for $65 on GameStop. The Red Crystal controller retails for $65 through Best Buy. Finally, the Blue Crystal controller retails for $60 on Walmart.

Functionally and ergonomically, the new translucent controllers are the same as the standard PS4 DualShock 4s.

Up close and personal with the Blue Crystal SKU.

The back of the blue controller features a non-translucent matte finish.

Here's the standard Crystal color.

The Crystal controller features a light grey matte back.

Original DS4 controller on top for comparison.

Source: GameSpot