There has been a lot of talk lately about the "PS4" and when it will be released. There is a lot of information, most of it false, running around on various sites, and while many feel they are pure rumors, one in particular gained a lot of ground as of late, and as it turns out, it's false as well.

The rumor in question surrounds the February 20th event that Sony announced with the help of the Wall Street Journal. Within this news, the Wall Street Journal said that this would be an opportunity for Sony to show off their hardware, which got a lot of fans thinking that this would mean the reveal of their next console.

Since then, the rumor spiraled and gained ground, but as now mentions, there are nine different potential reasons why Sony is not announcing the console just yet (click the source at the end of the article to see those reasons).

It seems odd to me that Sony is waiting so long to announce a console that is expected either by the holiday season this year, or in quarter one of 2014. They did announce previously that they wanted to wait for Microsoft to announce their new console, so that they could see what they were offering and make changes accordingly (which, as many of you know, is not possible).

I feel this would have been the best possible time for them to get ahead of Microsoft and at least let the media chew on a few specs or pieces of information, as it would have led to even more press coverage and, as always, more rumors.

Be sure to check the homepage for updates on the PS4, as well as rumors. What do you guys think about Sony not announcing anything this month as was initially speculated? Do you mind waiting?