Yo Dawg. We heard you like announcements..

Like wildfire, new rumours and leaks concerning the PS4 have surfaced after Sony's Playstation 2013 teaser trailer. The video, that made its way online yesterday, has left fans and journalists alike buzzing at the prospect of the PS4 announcement, as everything seems to point towards the event being held for that; a page taken from Apple's success.

This potential announcement comes as a shock to most, as Kaz Hirai, CEO of Sony, said only a week ago that Sony would let Microsoft make the first move on revealing the next generation of consoles. Thankfully, it looks like Sony are disregarding that statement and are looking to be first out the door with the next gen; a move they failed to make with the PS3 that lead to it having a tough time upon release.

Today, more rumours have been sparked via the Wall Street Journal, where anonymous sources have confirmed that the event will be for the PS4; with Sony aiming to release it in the latter stages of the year.

As of now, Sony are playing smoke and mirrors with anyone who reaches out for information about the event. With a wealth of industry experts and investors attending the event, it all leads to one conclusion: The next gen is here.

Thanks to MavRage for the heads up!