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Sony Surpasses 40 Million PS4 Consoles Sold


Sony's latest console, the PlayStation 4 was released back in 2013, and after three years of steady success they have now sold more than 40 million units. The PlayStation 4 has become Sony's fastest-selling console, as well as the fact that software sales for the PlayStation 4 have continued to remain strong. Netting a total of more than 270.9 million copies of software sold through retail stores and the PlayStation Network combined. It is estimated by Sony's Corporate Forecast that an additional 20 million units will be sold worldwide in Sony's current fiscal year.

Along with reaching all these milestones, it has been rumored for awhile now that Sony is working on an upgraded version of the PlayStation 4, code-named "Neo", and it will allegedly be much more powerful in the aspect of graphics hardware. If what reported sources are saying is true, Sony can expect to long surpass this current milestone in the near future.

Sony Interactive Entertainment president Andrew House has also stated in a press release in regards to the PlayStation 4's success,
"We will strive to deliver even more exciting gaming experiences to our users, further driving the momentum and accelerating the expansion of the PS4 platform and its business this fiscal year by offering an unparalleled line-up of games, bringing our virtual reality system, PlayStation VR, to market and providing ground-breaking features and network services."

It's currently unclear what the future will hold for the PlayStation 4 and any possible successors or enhanced models. But what is currently unmistakable is that the PlayStation 4 has set a new standard for console gaming.

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