Bloodborne has a new DLC on the way titled The Old Hunters. This will be the only DLC released, as the developers have no other expansions being planned for the game.

In order to get access to the DLC in-game, you do not have to complete the game, but you do have to go through the story and at a certain point the DLC will unlock and become available.

One aspect that fans love about Bloodborne and Dark Souls is finding all of the secrets the game has to offer. Director Miyazaki assured fans that there would be plenty of hidden content by saying "There are some things that people haven't quite grasped yet, and we promise you that we have some very fun tricks up our sleeve for the final version of the game."

How many new weapons will the DLC add? For both left-handed and right-handed weapons, there are at least 10 new weapons to use. There will be new armor sets added as well. There were a few of these weapons that were supposed to be in the main game but they were cut at the time and later re-added to this expansion.

A list of content added by this DLC can be found in the spoiler below, and a link to the announcement trailer can be found here.

The Old Hunters Weapons:
  • Simon's Bowblade
  • Round Chainsaw Hammer
  • Burial Cleaver
  • Flint-strike Hammer
  • Flailesque Bat/Threaded Club
  • Improved beast claw combo/ Max beast combo
  • Electrified Cleaver
  • Shield and sword
  • Pick of Death
The Old Hunters Bosses:
  • Ludwig
  • Fire Cleric Beast
  • The Horse of Death

The Old Hunters Tools:
  • A Shot from the Void

The Old Hunters Items:

  • Nailbomb
  • Elder Summoning Bell

Bloodborne: The Old Hunters will be available in Japan on November 24 of this year, with a later date for a worldwide release to be announced.


Assassin's Creed: Syndicate will be released in just around a month. This exclusive bundle comes with a 1TB HDD, a copy of Assassin's Creed: Syndicate and a digital download of Watch Dogs. Players will also receive ten exclusive Penny Dreadful-themed missions, known as the Dreadful Crimes.

The Penny crimes goes back to the 19th century in London, where a curious affection for thrilling mystery stories exploded across the city. These weekly pocket novels, dubbed Penny Dreadfuls, became massively popular among the working class population.

The Dreadful Crimes mission pack explores the roots that swept London. You will play as the young detective, Artie, and will choose who you want to interrogate once you think you found the culprit. You can confront them and accuse them, but be warned, if accusing the wrong suspect it will result in a decreased award. Once you complete this unique in-game mission you'll be rewarded with special items only available with this bundle.

The Dreadful Crimes mission pack will be available on day one of release of Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate for PlayStation 4 owners.


World of Tanks is a popular free-to-play MMO that has over three-hundred and fifty different tanks across seven nations to choose from and collect with many different ways to pick how you play. The game has millions of players across the Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC, and now it is coming to the PlayStation 4.

The PlayStation 4 version will be running at 60FPS and 1080p which is more than the PC version due to a huge scale of different computers to support. Between 60-70% of PC players play at low-to-mid graphics settings. For consoles, everyone is running the same machine, so it makes it a lot easier to implement high definition maps, tanks, and weather conditions.

World Of Tanks PS4 will support DualShock 4 controllers, Share Play, PS Vita Remote Play, and Live Streaming. You'll get custom maps, custom tanks, custom skins and more. PS Plus members will have access to even more exclusive content and deals. World of Tanks on the PlayStation 4 is expected to be released before the end of 2015.

Click here for the Announcement Trailer.


With the PlayStation 4 getting a price cut in Japan, fans and potential PS4 owners alike wondered if the console would get a price reduction in the United States. Phil Spencer is Microsoft's Xbox division Business Executive and he recently stated in an interview that he "fully expects they will drop in price."

Sony's next big event will be held at the Paris Games Week in October. Spencer mentioned that this isn't necessarily where Sony will announce the PlayStation 4 price drop, but it is very likely that Sony has plans to reduce their prices in time for the holiday season. More information will be added as it is released, and a confirmation will be posted if Sony decides to lower their prices.

Looking back, both PlayStation and Xbox consoles drop in price during Black Friday and if they want to generate higher sales for this holiday season, Sony will drop their price again this year. The PlayStation 4 is currently sitting at $399, but where do you think the price will be at during the holiday?

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