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Sony Estimates 17 Million PS4s to Be Sold In 2015

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    Sony's Playstation for has been on the market for about half a year now, and they have already sold 7 million units, but that's not enough for Sony. They are expecting to sell 17 million of these bad boys. Seeing that Sony has had alot of success with the launch of its Playstation 4, with 7 million sold in half a year, it is possible. Sony is very confident in selling this many units. They have stated that they expect the 17 million to be sold by April 2015. Sony will have a challenge on selling these units, as 17 million is a big number. In addition, they still have competition from Microsoft now that the price of the Xbox One has dropped from $499.99 to $399.99.

    With all of the exclusives Sony has been grabbing, it is not completely out of reach. They can do it, but they're going to have to boost production, advertising, and marketing to make sure these consoles keep flying off the shelves, similar to the starting months when the PS4 first came out. Sony and Microsoft have been rivals in the 'sale wars' as i call it for a long while now; although, Microsoft is not where it needs to be to stand toe to toe with Sony. They can make a turn around, as they have some good exclusives, nice updates, and are bringing external storage to the device. All of these things are what the average Xbox players need, but we can't slack on Sony, they're doing big things in there department also; one of the main being exclusives, so once again, it is not out of reach for Sony to sell that many units.

    From April 1st, 2013 to March 31, 2014 Sony sold 14 Million Playstation home consoles. That includes Playstation 4 consoles, Playstation 3 consoles, and handheld devices. Sony expects to see their sales for the year rise like any company would. This comes from the face that they had a 78 Million loss for the year. They say this is because of the launch of the Playstation 4. Sony can do it, but its going to take some work and hope, because since they sold about 14 million, they sold about 7 Million Ps4's. If they want to meet there goal, they're going to have to pump out 10 million more units. That will be a challenge for Sony, we just have to see if they can overcome it.


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