Sony Announces Vote to Play Coming to PlayStation 4

Earlier this week, El-Cinefillo, a member of the NeoGAF community leaked news of an upcoming PlayStation Plus program titled "Vote to Play". Which...
  1. Invisible Man

    Earlier this week, El-Cinefillo, a member of the NeoGAF community leaked news of an upcoming PlayStation Plus program titled "Vote to Play". Which has since been confirmed by Sony's President of Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida.

    What exactly is Vote to Play? Vote to Play allows PlayStation 4 users to have a say in what game they will receive for free the following month. Members will be given a choice between three games and will have a set period in which to vote.


    The game that receives the most votes will be added to the list of free games for the next month. Meanwhile, the two runner up titles will be available at a discounted price for PlayStation Plus subscribers. When this feature will be available is still unknown. According to Sony, "More details on when voting begins, what titles will be up for voting, and how you can cast your vote will be coming soon."

    Tell me fellow PlayStation users, is this something that you are looking forward to? Your thoughts and comments are all appreciated.


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  1. Master
    This seems like a great idea for Sony to implement. The problem here is where the games that are being chosen aren't that great. I hope that I am wrong, but the games being offered might not even be worth downloading.
    1. Stonerzard
      Most people (me included) assume whether they'll like the game just on the tiny little preview and the name. We'd probably enjoy most games if we played them, it's always good to try out the free games because at the end of the day, they're free!
  2. Johny_Barbarian_
    So what Sony next move?, xbox 1 will be playing pc games soon, they need to up there game
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    2. Stonerzard
      The thing is, the console hasn't been out long. Have you noticed the PS3's free games? They're much better because there's a wider library. It would be great to at least stream the PS3's free games w/o a PS Now sub. Or instead being allowed to stream the game forever.
    3. Johny_Barbarian_
      Yes I concur with that , the Ps3 titles are awesome, I always click to purchase them on the ps4 just in case maybe one day we will be able to play them.
    4. Stonerzard
      Probably a good idea, I'll have to start doing that.
  3. Vizionz4D
    Now its hard to pick which console you like more... Since next-gen began companies started listening to its community as if we ran the companies
  4. Johny_Barbarian_
    Just hope they start putting A listing titles. We should get a free ps now game to stream for a month for fee, every month also
  5. TheItalianLad
    Seems like a really good idea, seems good that sony is listening to fans for once
  6. One Republic
    Let's go PS4! I have both consoles in the war, but I'm glad Sony is actually listening, kind of like Microsoft with backwards compatibility.
  7. Wavy
    Listening to your customers and giving them a say in things is a nice directional step. Companies should do that more often.
  8. Arxhive
    I'm sure a similar feature will be coming to Xbox soon.
  9. Crippler_
    This is really sad actually. This all arose from fans being disappointed in the QUALITY of the free games. Basically the lack of AAA titles on PS4. So now instead of just getting handed a crap game, we'll be able to choose 1 crap game out of 3.

    Better games, not more choices.......
    1. T3DDY_173
      they're not crappy games, just cause YOU dont like it does not mean everybody does not like it.
      i loved rocket league and some of their free ps+ games.
    2. Stonerzard
      ^Holy ****, normally I'm the one preaching objectivity but somebody else beat me to it.
  10. Atlas
    This is epic. I mean, I love free games as much as the next guy, but it is nice to think we (the gamers) have some input.
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    1. Skype
      You just took the words out of my mouth. xD
    2. Agiel