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Sony Announces Call of Duty Exclusivity Deal


Sony has just announced that the Playstation 4 will receive add-on content earlier than other platforms, meaning that they now have taken over the exclusivity contract that Microsoft has held for several years. They will also gain access to extra marketing tactics and special promotions that will only be available on the PS4. This news comes right after Sony finished showing their Black Ops 3 gameplay trailer at their E3 conference.

This news has been in speculation for quite a long time now. Multiple leaks and subtle hints that were dropped for us to find have all lead towards the possibility that Sony has taken over the exclusivity contract and it has now been confirmed. On top of getting add-on content earlier, the Playstation 4 will also receive the Black Ops 3 beta earlier and there are also rumors of the PS4 getting it's own special beta but that is yet to be confirmed.

A Sony spokesperson claims that the deal will last longer than just the lifespan of Black Ops 3, so it seems as if the PS4 will be the go-to Call of Duty machine for the foreseeable future. What do you think? How do you feel about PS4 getting exclusive rights? Leave your thoughts down below.

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