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Sony Announce Playstation Vue

Sony has unveiled their new cloud-based TV streaming service called Playstation Vue. It allows the user to stream live TV programming and on-demand TV shows to their Television sets at home. A satellite antenna or cable set-top-box is not required to use Playstation Vue with the only requirement is for the user to have a strong broadband internet connection and a Playstation 3 or Playstation 4. The service is not free and the user will be required to pay an undisclosed fee on a month to month basis but the marketing team behind Playstation Vue boasts that the service will not have any cancellation fees which also means that this service will not require a signed contract.

Playstation Vue combines both live television programming and also on-demand television content into one service. The service is currently in a beta stage and Sony will proceed testing Playstation Vue in New York sometime later this month and will then proceed to run tests in Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Chicago sometime early in 2015. Sony also plan to have a beta available in more cities after those 4 but no other details about that have been announced as of now. No details have been given as to how to get into the beta testing or if it will become a open beta but so far it seems as if Sony is sending out invitations to a select amount of people who live in the New York area.


The Playstation Vue beta is set to launch with around 75 channels from organizations such as Viacom, Fox, CBS and NBC. A few of the channels which are viewable in North America include, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, Food Network and many more. Sony are also working on getting a few more organizations in on the action such as Disney which would also bring in ABC and ESPN because of Disney being the parenting company to both of them. The service will also allow viewing of some local television stations as well. A great feature which comes with the Playstation Vue is the cloud-based aspect of it all. The cloud will allow you to save a TV show to the cloud and you will be able to view that TV show for 28 days. Since this is bundled with the cloud it will not take up the storage on your Playstation 3 or Playstation 4 but instead it will be pushed to the cloud. Sony also claim that there will be no storage limitations or scheduling conflicts with the cloud.

Playstation Vue will remain tied to the Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 as of now but Sony has also stated that they're in development of an iPad application and they also plan to broaden the availability of Playstation Vue eventually. The application is very much like Netflix once you begin using it. It has everything categorized and sorted and once you begin watching a certain TV show, it will then generate a list of some other TV shows you may like judging by the ones you are already watching.

This is an opportunity, in my view, to fulfill a longer goal of transforming what was in the past a dedicated game device into a proper entertainment hub, There is nothing in entertainment as broad as the mass-market live-TV space.
This statement reveals that Sony have also started looking towards growing the Playstation 4 from just a video game machine to an all around entertainment hub. What do you think? Do you think this service is a nice new idea? Will you be looking into purchasing a membership? Leave your comments below.

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