Sonic The Hedgehog Returns in 2017

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Sonic The Hedgehog, developer and publisher, SEGA held an event with Team Sonic in Tokyo yesterday. During...
  1. Sparfire
    To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Sonic The Hedgehog, developer and publisher, SEGA, held an event with Team Sonic in Tokyo yesterday. During this event, Team Sonic head, Takashi Iizuka, confirmed what many already were suspecting, a new Sonic game is scheduled to be released in 2017.

    Not a lot of details were given, but we will not have to wait very long to hear more about this new installment in the iconic franchise. A larger 25th anniversary party will take place in San Diego on July 22nd, and it was stated that the new game will be revealed there. The event will be streamed, and hopefully they will share gameplay footage and details on where they are heading with this game when it comes to plot, characters, and new features. As of now, there is not even information on what consoles they are launching on, but considering their connection to Nintendo, it wouldn't be a surprise if the launch coincides with the launch of the new Nintendo console, NX. It is also going to be interesting to see whether they choose to go Nintendo exclusive, if only for a limited time, or if they are going big and launching on PS4 and Xbox One too. We will most likely find out in about a months time.

    Sonic the Hedgehog started off as quite the success in 1991, and this paved the way for plenty of sequels. The game went from being a SEGA exclusive to appear on other platforms after the death of Dreamcast, and it has been launched on almost every console available since, with varying success. The latest installments of the game have been getting rather mediocre reviews, and it is going to take some magic from the developers if they are going to get the franchise rolling again. Lets hope they are up for the job.

    What are your expectations? Are you looking forward to a new Sonic game, or have you lost faith in our blue friend?


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  1. Sosuke Aizen
    Hesitantly Hopeful..
  2. joaodfn22
    I played Sonic since i was 3 yo,i'll get this game,for sure!
  3. mad dog luciano
    just hope its in 2d and not 3d coz then it will suck like most of the other 3d sonics
  4. 3xTiNcT
    Might have to get this. I miss Sonic.
  5. ExodusGen
    Can't wait!
  6. zlReborn
    Sonic was a great game back in the day... Hopefully its gonna be good.
  7. Thelema
    Since my gif image was removed, for obvious reasons, I'll word my expectations lol.

    What are your expectations? Are you looking forward to a new Sonic game?
    I suppose I should note that I wasn't really a fan of the series, to begin with. Probably due to my age. But, with a group of friends/family, their games can be fun.

    I don't expect anything other than garbage, to be honest, though. Hopefully, the game will at least function as intended, or not intended, haha. Their recent games infuriated me to the point I just gave up. I'm talking of course about the controls and camera angles. An intriguing story wouldn't hurt, would it?

    I do appreciate the article, though, Spar. The gif, I thought described my expectations very well lol. It was a little rude of me just slapping a gif image in the text box and posting the comment.
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    2. Thelema
      Sonic and the black knight was definitely one of them. I have no idea what the other was.
    3. Red58
      Yeah that's like one of the few I've never played. I know that quality has gone up since then.
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    4. Thelema
      My post above was literally just my small experience with the series. I probably picked up the worst games out of the lot. Although, judging by the comment below, I doubt that.
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  8. Jet1337
    I think you should rename the title to "The Videogame Industry Laughs at Sega Again on July 22nd!".
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    1. Sparfire
      That might be a good idea, depending on the outcome of the reveal, lol
    2. Red58
      Could be worse.
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  9. Deadpool
    Just give me a Sonic Adventure 3 with a new Chao system and I'll be very happy.
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    1. Red58
      But with more speed right?
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    2. Sosuke Aizen
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