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Somic G95PRO Gaming Headset Review

Before using this headset, I was already extremely impressed with the visual aspects of it. Not just the headset itself, but it's packaging and accessories were really appealing to me. The Somic G95PRO comes in a nicely designed box with all of the accessories needed for it. However, this isn't the strong point of the visual appeal. What made this so nice was it's case, it comes with a well padded case that closes with a zipper. They were also kind enough to include a second pair of ear pads, which were a different kind from the default ones.




Both the default pleather ear pads and the alternatives are very comfortable and allow use for multiple hours. The adjustable headband is yet another nice feature. It allows for a wide range of adjustments and has a pad for comfort. I have used this all day multiple times and never felt discomfort with it.

This headset is mainly made out of plastic material, however, that doesn't take away from it's durability. The mic is adjustable and flexible, yet it is very strong. The cord is well reinforced as well, which is personally one of my favorite features. Cords tend to easily break, rip, or short out for me, but this reinforcement helps avoid that.

As for the audio, this headset gives amazing audio quality. It has 5.1 channel sound output, which is great for detecting enemies through sound, and features multiple settings on the control box. The control box features a main volume control, sub control, center control, rear control, front control, and a mic on/off switch. The placement of this is a very nice design choice as well. It is placed roughly 2.5 feet away from the headset. The cord is a rather large length as well, reaching nearly an impressive 10 feet. The cord also comes with a velcro tie for you to easily adjust the length of it.

I've been using this headset for nearly 2 weeks now and haven't found any issues at all. If I had to make a complaint against it, the only thing I could say is that the sound cancellation could be better. Overall this headset is a great choice, and with the price GearBest offers it, it's well worth it. If you are looking for a new headset that is good and a fair price I would highly recommend you check this out by visiting the following link: http://www.gearbest.com/headsets/pp_183093.html.
Also be sure to check out GearBest for other deals on various pieces of technology.
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