As incredible as it is, Grand Theft Auto IV is coming up on its tenth birthday later this month. And this means that some music licenses will expire and Rockstar will have to remove a bunch of tracks from the game's soundtrack.

According to Kotaku, on April 26, a bunch of 10-year agreements will be up, and Rockstar will patch several songs out of the game. Kotaku reports that sources have said that "a lot" of music will be removed, but the developer has not given a list of specific tracks.

This happened with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas as well; in 2014, the studio took 17 songs out of the game. But what makes GTA IV's situation particularly notable is that there's apparently a workaround for PS3 players. Kotaku reports that, prior to April 26, owners of the game on PS3 will receive system messages giving them the option of downloading digital versions of the tracks. As a result, they'll be able to continue listening to the tracks in-game. It's unclear why or how this is happening, or if a similar option will be given to PC and Xbox 360 players. We've reached out to Rockstar for comment and clarification.

Source: GameSpot