A number of changes and additions are on the way to Smite, developer Hi-Rez Studios announced today. As part of Hi-Rez Expo 2018's opening keynote, some major updates for the MOBA have been revealed, including the game's next character and a revamped version of its Conquest map.

The new map is more than just a visual change, although that is part of it. This updated version is symmetrical, meaning your experience will be the same regardless of the side that your team calls home. Lanes and jungle paths are now identical on both sides, which lead designer AJ Walker says "balances the map and removes timing differences to each side. Overall, this creates a more consistent gameplay experience."

Art all around the map has also changed, as you can see in the images below, with monsters such as the Gold Fury getting "lore-inspired makeovers." More importantly, jungle fog makes a return, making it clearer what areas you have vision of. PC players will be able to test all of this out starting on January 17, when the map is released on the Public Test Server.

Coming before then is Smite's next character, Cerberus. He joins the existing roster of 92 gods very soon, as update 4.25 is slated for release on PC on January 9. A PS4 and Xbox One release date wasn't shared, but it should be coming soon as well. At some point in 2018, we'll also see new characters introduced from two new pantheons, Slavic and Voodoo.

In addition to Hi-Rez Expo, the Smite World Championships are now underway. PS4 owners with PS Plus can still get a bonus Smite pack with a bunch of free stuff, while those on Xbox One can pick up the Smite X Edition pack that grants a free character and skin.

Source: GameSpot