SMITE Developer Announces New IP, Paladins

The studio behind SMITE, Hi-Rez Studios, revealed a brand new IP today. Paladins is a free-to-play team-based shooter with strategy elements,...
By Sparfire · Aug 3, 2015 · Updated Aug 4, 2015
  1. Sparfire
    The studio behind SMITE, Hi-Rez Studios, revealed a brand new IP today. Paladins is a free-to-play team-based shooter with strategy elements, currently under development for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It will have an alpha build available for the public to play at GamesCom this week, and a planned release of the finished game sometime in 2016.

    Paladins is team based, where the goal is to capture the enemy's base while at the same time defending your own. Each player starts out with a primary weapon, a set of combat and movement abilities, and a personal mount to carry them around the large maps. Additionally, everyone has a "customizable deck of skill cards which can be activated and evolved upon leveling up in-match for enhanced strength, defense or utility throughout the session."

    "Paladins has been a passion project of ours from the beginning," said senior producer Mick Larkins. "We've dedicated a separate team from SMITE to work on it, and while we are still early in development, we know we're crafting something very special. Paladins is extremely quick, with a great deal of depth in how it blends action, tactics, and teamwork, and we’re excited for gamers to start discovering all it has to offer."

    According to High-Rez COO Todd Harris, the game has been in development for over a year now. He states that they are looking forward to receive feedback from the playable demo, as they want the players to help them "craft how Paladins grows from here." A closed beta is coming for those of us not able to attend GamesCom, if you wish to register, you can do so here.

    Until an official trailer is released, we will just have to rely on some pre alpha gameplay footage from IGN:

    Source: Press Release

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  1. Master
    This has a team fortress 2 feel. Looks appealing.
  2. 3xTiNcT
    I still haven't tried this game..
  3. NO GOD
    Personally it doesn't impress me that much. If you want to make a fps moba then just make a damn fps moba and forget about the mounts, the cards, the huge maps.
  4. Z61
    Reminds me of Overwatch or w/e from Blizzard.
  5. Wavy
    Don't know about anyone else, but SMITE was not very fun IMO. After watching this, I am not all too thrilled either.
      Zelkaar likes this.
  6. TheItalianLad
    Is Smite on the PS4 now? not going to get it because I play Xbox, but just curious.
    1. Sparfire
      Smite is on the Xbox One.
  7. Zelk
    Kinda looks like what happens when Destiny meets TF2.
      ST3V3HACKER and Pyroman like this.