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Smite Coming to PS4

Hi-Rez Studios has just announced that Smite will be making its way to PS4. This third-person multiplayer based MOBA debuted for PC in 2013 and...
  1. Aydind
    Hi-Rez Studios has just announced that Smite will be making its way to PS4. This third-person multiplayer based MOBA debuted first for PC in 2013 and later made its way onto Xbox One. Fans of the game anticipated that it would eventually find a place on PlayStation after it was released on the Xbox One. Closed Alpha testing began yesterday and will begin closed Beta in early March. You will need a code to play Smite during closed Beta, but these codes will be offered in the near future. Smite's current community consists of more than 14 million players and will continue to grow if it expands onto PS4. Smite is currently the biggest MOBA to go from PC to PS4.

    Smite has always been a free-to-play game ever since it was released back in 2013. This pattern will continue once the Beta begins. Smite consists of more than 70 mythological creatures from 8 different pantheons and 6 different game modes to play on. Once Beta begins players will have access to all game modes, but only 5 free gods as part of the free rotation. This free rotation will change every once in awhile. The 5 free gods for Beta include Ymir, Thor, Neith, Guan Yu, and Ra. Players will be able to unlock other gods using Favor and Gems, which will be available in game.

    With the release of Smite on PS4, Hi-Rez Studios has decided to introduce a series of new skins for a variety of different gods, which will be available exclusively to PS4. The skins include Odin's "Worlds Collide" skin, Kulkulkan’s “KuKu4” skin, and Ymir’s “C4codemon” skin. Odin's skin will be free to those who link their PC Smite accounts to PS4. Kuklkulkan's skin will is an exclusive reward for all PS Plus members. Finally, Ymir's skin will be apart of PS4 Founder's Pack, which will be available for $29.99 during Closed Beta. The Founder's Pack also unlocks all present and future gods in Smite, 400 Gems, an Ares “Soldier of Fortune” skin, and a key for Beta access.

    For reference, I have been playing Smite for just about 2 years now and it's definitely an enjoyable game. Players will have to play the game for awhile in order to be decent at it and understand the concept on each game mode. You won't be able to jump in the game and be a complete professional at it, unless of course you've played the game on PC or Xbox. If you are completely new to the game, I recommend playing all tutorials that the game offers and this new Founder's Pack is definitely worth the money!

    Have you ever played Smite before? What do you think about the move? Will you be playing it for PS4? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. Message
    Very good game i play daily on my xbox My cousin has a ps4 going to get him to download it and play it when im over there :smile:
  2. wolf9404
    I think dota, wow and starcraft are not too bad on console. Eg. Diablo 3 ROS is a good games even without having the keyboard or mouse... :smile:
  3. Stonerzard
    Not much fun console mobas imo. PC you have so much more customization from little things such as keybindings and scripting. But it does make hacking and cheating a whole load easier.
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    2. Stonerzard
      I've played Dota since 2013 and until last year I wasn't aware there were hacks. They are almost impossible to find. I created a smurf to try some out and scripting is a huge problem in League and Dota 2. It can completely change the game in your favour without making it obvious. Plus, mods...console can't have community created content. GG WP.
    3. DatEnglishRose
      "Everything on console comes out later then on PC." Need for speed and gta v come to mind pretty quickly...
    4. Stonerzard
      Yeah, that's not quite true. I do believe the scary learning curve of a mouse and keyboard may elude most people to just opt out for console gaming, but honestly it's really easy after just a week. I mean I've played Dota for 3 years with a trackpad on my laptop before getting a gaming mouse for christmas. Gotta say that transition was harder than learning to play CoD on PC.
  4. duelmebro
    played a lot on pc with family and EXTREMELY excited to try it out on console played not a single bit on xbox one :smile: knew it had to happen i screamed out of excitement when i saw this
  5. 3xTiNcT
    I don't think I played it on Xbox yet.. lol.
  6. Glompa541
    I have played it for almost 3hrs on PS4 (closed beta) and I might have one or two spare codea if the beta is still online!
    Send me a PM if you want a code :smile:
    1. Johny_Barbarian_
      Have you got any codes left pal?
    2. Glompa541
      Yeah I got some codes i will send a code on a PM
    3. Johny_Barbarian_
      Cheers pal gt the pm , thanks
  7. Deadpool
    Couldn't really get into it.
      Message likes this.
    1. Message
      It is not for everyone friend but when you first start ******** on people in that game it opens your eyes its so ****ing fun to r*** other teams ask Aydind
  8. TheItalianLad
    The game played well on the Xbox One so if you're a fan I suggest buying this game :smile:
    1. NO GOD
      The game's free though lol. You just pay to unlock characters if you want. Although I agree that it's worth it.
  9. televisedfool
    I got accepted into the alpha :biggrin:

    I have a spare alpha code as well to give out. :thumbsup:

    Been enjoying the game so far. I played it a little on PC but never really gave it a serious go.

    The alpha has been pretty good so far though.
    1. JaviXx_97
      Could you give me the code pleassse?
  10. Lulu
    Neat. I've always liked Hi-Rez and I've always appreciated Smite even though I never played it too much. It's still a lot of fun to play for me from time to time and I think the developers are great at what they do since Smite has been so consistently fun since its release. I'm glad that gamers on PS4's will be able to play it, too.
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