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Slack Brings Voice Calls to All Users, Screen Sharing Coming Soon

Slack is growing fast. As one of the newer team-based communication platforms out there, it's one of the more superior options when it comes to...
  1. God

    Slack is growing fast. As one of the newer team-based communication platforms out there, it's one of the more superior options when it comes to effectively operating as a unit on group projects, or just having all around fun. With amazing features such as tagging, mentions, and more, it's no wonder general users and teams all across the world are making the move to Slack to keep the workflow smooth. Slack is still an ever-growing work-in-progress, and with their development team actively hard at work at focusing on improving the user experience, there's no doubt the messaging platform will become a smooth, all-in-one experience in no time.

    Slack received a small update recently, but it's one big change that aims to only further improve team-based communication. While text chat is cool, it has its faults. In some cases, almost nothing beats having a real-time voice conversation. You're able to get what you have to say out faster, which is essential for in-depth conversations. You can simply speak what you have to say, without having to spend 30 seconds or more typing out a lengthy response. This is why the team over at Slack has finally brought voice calls to the communication platform.

    If you're using Slack on the Windows or Mac desktop apps, you can simply use the newly added phone icon in the channel header. The same applies to those of you using Slack on Google Chrome. If you're on mobile however, you'll have to select the "Start a call" option which has been conveniently placed in both the channel and DM drop-down menus. You'll be able to initiate a private one-on-one call with anyone, and if you have access to a paid team, you can make group calls in the main channel, or any sub-groups in the Slack channel. Up to 15 team members can join a group call, and when a call has been placed, you'll see an invitation acception prompt that will allow you to join the call if you choose to.

    As a bonus, users will even have access to in-call emoji response features. Clicking on any pre-selected emoji will have it subsequently displayed over your Slack avatar. This feature was implemented to allow users to silently agree, disagree, or even ask permission to raise a question, without interrupting the person currently speaking. In addition to this, the team over at Slack is currently moving forward with adding a screen sharing option, another communication necessity that will only further improve user's overall Slack experience. If you currently don't see the call options, don't worry, they're being rolled out to all Slack teams during the week, so you should see them by Saturday if you haven't already.


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  1. 3xTiNcT
    You can call people on almost any app now it seams. Looks cool though.
  2. Lulu
    They're really taking great strides to become the best team communication app. I'm excited to see someone step in and take up the reigns after programs like AIM and Skype came and went. They're a great bunch of developers and I look forward to whatever they add onto Slack.
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  3. shinda
    Slack has been and always will be better than discord, too bad someone got a bit butthurt and removed me. :^)
      Chazay likes this.
    1. Wavy
  4. Chazay
      God, shinda and Art like this.
  5. Art
    Now they just need to add voice channels and it will be perfect.
      God likes this.
  6. Aydind
    Slack is dank.
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