Following the launch of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim's remastered version on Friday, Digital Foundry has published a report that details how the game runs on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The Special Edition, as it's called, runs at a native 1080p on both consoles, the site said, adding that it's believed to use the same temporal anti-aliasing that was featured in Fallout 4.

As for frame rate, both console versions target 30fps. Digital Foundry said the Xbox One version easily reaches 1080p with "some degree of overhead left over," but not enough to get up to 60fps.

If you're thinking about which platform--PS4 or Xbox One--to buy the Special Edition for, it looks like you can't go wrong with either, based on specs. "So far, both consoles appear remarkably like-for-like in terms of their presentation," the site said.

One thing to bear in mind, too, is that the Special Edition will get a PS4 Pro patch to support 4K. The console launches on November 10, priced at $400.

"Thus far, Skyrim Special Edition looks pretty solid--it can be viewed as an enhanced PC port for the current-gen platforms and in comparison to the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions, there's a night and day improvement in terms of performance and stability, not to mention resolution, art quality and overall levels of detail."

Read Digital Foundry's full report to learn a lot more about Skyrim Special Edition's various visual upgrades.

Something else to consider, if it matters to you, is that Skyrim Special Edition mods are limited on PS4 to those that use in-game assets. This means there are quite a few more mods available on Xbox One than PS4. Additionally, Bethesda has said it is working on a fix for the game's audio issues.

Source: GameSpot